Opening Lagoona Mall in Doha

Lagoona Mall Qatar

Lagoona Mall in Doha Qatar opening

Lagoon mall Center in Qatar’s Capital city Doha is considered the latest mall in development is located within the Zigzag towers , with a soft opening date in august 2011. Once complete the mall will aim to position itself as the most desirable location for high end fashion and fine dining establishments. At the time of writing , specific stores and restaurant names are yet to be released, however the main departments store inside the mall will be 51 East. glamorous up market retailers and restaurants enable it to transcend the sense of being a mere shopping destination into the realm of a sophisticated life style experience .

An Element of Style Space

taking the elements as its muse , Lagoon’s ambiance is a lovely homage to light , space air ..touch . There is a sense of openness and wonder to the place that’s rare for shopping destinations.The emphasis here is on style – a subtle charming that does’t overwhelm you but rather lulls you into its arms enticing you to explore that title.

A Rarity in Retail

Elegant beams of natural light filter through the uniquely designed skylights , Gently touching down on artistic mosaic tiles , wide corridors and high , distinguished ceilings. Through desirable names in fashion and fine dining establishments , a sense of air , space and design graces all aspect of the center. Clearly Lagoona is a retail experience far from the ordinary